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About the Mondzorg Poli dental polyclinic

Do you need an emergency dentist right away? The Mondzorg Poli dental polyclinic is the only dentist’s practice situated in a hospital in Amsterdam and Utrecht that treats patients during the day, night and weekends. We offer this service 365 days a year and treat everybody, even if you don’t have your own dentist. If you have an emergency, please call us immediately and schedule an appointment. This helps cut down on unnecessary waiting times.

Experienced emergency dentists

The Mondzorg Poli dental polyclinic has a team of experienced dentists who will handle your dental emergency with the utmost care. Our phones are manned by experienced healthcare professionals and our dentists are certified specialists who are registered in the Dutch BIG registry.

Our Amsterdam practice is situated in the Slotervaart Hospital (MC Slotervaart) in Amsterdam, on Louwesweg 6. We are located right next door to the Emergency Room (SEH). You can use the entrance to the SEH. Our Utrecht practice can be found in the Diakonessenhuis Utrecht, Bosboomstraat 1.

Thanks to our favorable locations, we can work together with the dental surgery departments. We can also refer you to the Emergency Room. Our hygiene protocols and safeguards against infection and transmission are completely in line with hospital standards.

The team at Mondzorg Poli

From the receptionists to the emergency dentists, every member of the Mondzorg Poli team is here to solve your dental problems and to help you wherever possible.

Team member – Employees:

“One of the major advantages of the Mondzorg Poli dental polyclinic is that we managed to integrate every aspect of emergency dental care into one accessible concept – and we did it as far back as 2011. What’s more, both locations are easily accessible for everybody.”

Maarten Muijen