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The Mondzorg Poli dental polyclinic was founded in 2011 to professionalize emergency dental care in Amsterdam and to provide a one-stop treatment center that can handle every type of patient. In our experience, most hospitals are unable to provide emergency dental care on their own. We felt it was our responsibility to assist them. In 2017 we’ve opened a new practice in the Diakonessenhuis Utrecht.

Both our practices are capable of helping patients seven days a week and at all hours of the day and night. That makes us unique. If you have a patient who needs urgent dental treatment, you can refer them to Mondzorg Poli knowing that they will receive the best possible care.

The advantages of working with Mondzorg Poli

Mondzorg Poli focuses exclusively on emergency dental care. We never take on our own patients and our discharge letters always refer patients back to their own dentists. After their treatment here is complete, they receive a bill, a discharge letter (including diagnostics, therapeutic information and advice) and any x-rays we may have made so they’ll be able to hand them over to you.

Our commitment to referrers:

Available 24/7

  • Available and reachable day and night, seven days a week
  • For emergency dental care and treatments
  • Our experienced emergency dentists treat each patient

Cooperation with hospitals

  • Situated in the Slotervaart Hospital in Amsterdam and the Diakonessenhuis Utrecht
  • Works together with the emergency room
  • Close cooperation with the dental surgery department
  • Reliable partner for dental practices

We never take on patients

  • Contract possible between Mondzorg Poli and dentist
  • You refer your patients to a well-known emergency polyclinic
  • We can cover for you and receive patients when your practice is closed
  • You don’t have to spend time and money on auxiliary services

How do we define emergency dental care?

Mondzorg Poli believes that emergency dental care is necessary to the extent that it involves unexpected dental problems that need to be dealt with quickly. Our most pressing goal is to ensure that acute dental problems are alleviated accurately and effectively.

The care we provide is mainly focused on treating acute dental pain and other emergencies. We treat patients who present with bleeding, difficulty swallowing, dental abscesses, acute toothaches, lost or loose teeth, and endodontic emergency procedures (e.g. initial root canal treatments).